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The NBR2000 from The Nutty Bavarian is designed specifically for nut roasting using 110/120 volt electricity. The nut roaster automatically brings the product to the melting point of sugar and then holds the nuts at that temperature until they are fully roasted and glazed. The control panel is flush with a digital readout showing each stage of the nut roasting process, including a digital clock that counts down the minutes and seconds until the batch is ready. It is easy to clean and maintain and dominates the market for nut roasting and glazing machines. For more information on the NBR2000, please visit


The German Mandelprofi design is based on the gas powered model. For a gas machine, this is a clever design. For an electric machine, it is inefficient and over complicated. It is inefficient because the kettle does not physically touch the heating elements - imagine trying to boil a pot of water on top of an electric stove and holding the pot a 1/4 inch above the stove top; it would take much longer to boil the water. The over the top mixing arm over complicates the design making this machine more expensive to build and easier to break. The final "nail in the coffin" in my opinion is that the German roaster is not automated which makes it very easy to burn the sugar while roasting the nuts.
German Mandelprofi

The Gold Medal machine is a combination of a popcorn machine and a caramel corn machine. It is an improvement over the German design as the heating elements are built into the kettle and the motor is placed underneath. Like the NBR2000, the Pralinator has a built in sensor to bring the nuts to the melting point of sugar. However, the temperature controller on the Pralinator is an old fashioned analog design and is difficult to adjust. The biggest problem with the machine is that the same kettle is used both for the 240 volt machine and for the 120 volt machine. So if you buy the 120 volt machine, the heat is spread over a much larger area resulting in difficulty getting the nuts to become properly glazed.
Gold Medal Pralinator
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